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Monday, August 10, 2009

Stryped Mittens

Last Saturday, Paul and I drove out to beautiful Melrose MA to celebrate Jenny's birthday. It was an awesome fun good time, with good food and drink, good company, and a hot tub thrown in for good measure. It was also the first time I had seen Jenny since she left to teach English in Budapest. I had missed her face!

For a present, I made her a pair of Stryped August Birthday Mittens. I'm very, very pleased with how these turned out. They were my first ever attempt at making mittens, and my second ever project I did working on double pointed needles in the round.

Knitting in the round is probably the most intimidating seeming skill in knitting. It comes with all these mysterious accessories, like stitch markers and place holders, and generally sounds complicated. I want to assure you all though, if you can knit on two needles, you can start doing 4. I picked up the process from watching this video:

It still looks mighty complicated, I know, with all those needles clamoring around so busily. But I promise that you can do it! The knitting itself is all the same, you're just working on a series of connected panels. Plus, if you work in the round, you don't have to turn your work and purl to do a stockinette, you just knit the whole way around. Also, you don't have to deal with seaming. Easy peasy!

I worked Jenny's mittens from this really great pattern. It's a vintage pattern from a 1953 catalog called "Gloves and Mittens".It's awesome because it provides easy to read instructions for a bunch of different sizes, from child's small to mens. It also has directions for 2 needles or 4. The yarn I used was the same yarn that I used for the hat/bootie set I made for Peem and Amy's baby (btw, Amy had the kid in July. It's a boy! Hooray, my color choice was traditionally gender appropriate!).

I really like working with patterned yarns. It adds some novelty, seeing how the transitioning colors end up lining up on the needle. I think the anticipation encourages me to work faster/longer. I still have a ton of this particular yarn left over. I'm not sure what to do with it. Any suggestions/requests?

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