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Monday, August 24, 2009

A Hiking we will go.

On the first full day we were there, the whole family went on a hike up Cobb's Knoll, which is the small mountain behind the camp. It's about a 2 and a half mile loop, and has two really pretty overlooks. The first oversees this beaver pond.

2 years ago, when we hiked up here, a dog (Bo) that belonged to one of the guides followed us. He was a big fat black lab, who was really sweet and friendly, but not very bright. He also had some arthritis type joint issues (arf-rightus?), and Bob, his owner, would always ask kids not to bring him swimming, because it was bad for him. Well, Tom was up on this cliff throwing rocks into the swamp, and Bo went to fetch them, as his instinct told him to. He ended up getting stuck in chest-deep, sticky mud, with his collar caught on one of those sun blanched, overturned trees. He was really struggling, poor guy. My dad and uncle went down to try and coax him out. While the rest of us were watching him paddle around disorientedly, looking for the sunken rock and wearing out his arthritic paws, both of my grandparents, at different times, managed to lose their balance and almost go hurtling off the cliff. In the end, nobody plummeted to their doom, and Bo managed to find his way out and shake stinky swamp water on all of us, but it was crazy how many things almost led to death! We all still joke about that hike being cursed.

This year though, fotunately, nothing quite that dramatic happened. Tom even snuck away and took a nap. He was on such a wacky sleep schedule while we were there. He stayed all night, in total darkness (they turn off the electricity at 10 pm), wide awake, then took approximately 6 naps a day, everyday.

After the hike, we went swimming to cool off. It was so refreshing and satisfying. We somehow managed to have the most beautiful weather ever this week, with temps solidly in the 80s and no rain. I went swimming almost everyday. The water was even pretty warm, and I managed to get a pretty good tan going. It was the most summer-y I've felt all summer.

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