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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Around - 1971

Grover was always the Muppet on Sesame St. who seemed to take the most abuse. Here's a classic example of him being put through his paces.

Grover is pretty cool, because he can not use contractions!

Also, thanks to this, calling each other Grover and requesting that you count one thing has become a recent commonplace in our household.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Strong is Truth

In my ever expanding catalog of things that I think about getting tattoos of, but probably won't, I've added a new category. Arms from my favorite European Places! The City of Oxford has a pretty cool crest, and a pretty awesome motto.

However, I hesitate to permanently put that scary ass beaver on my skins. I am glad that real life beavers do not resemble body builders so strongly! Yikes.

Apparently that buff rodent represented Henry Norreys of Rycote, who spent a week at Christ Church College in 1566. He was the son of the Henry Norreys who was beheaded for doing Anne Boleyn. Way to rise above that and become a green manifestation of a most industrious beast!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I recently read all of John Allison's webcomic Bad Machinery. In one sitting. Yes, it is that good!

It follows the adventures of 6 private school children in England who have a propensity for mystery-solving and discovering fantastical beasts in their midst.

I like the humor, the art style, the characters, and the somewhat surreal alternate reality that exists in the fictional Town of Tackleford.

You should read this!

Friday, June 24, 2011

What and a What now?

I was in the grocery store recently and meandered by this is the freezer section:

Pizza....AND cookies? I was literally standing there staring at the freezer case giggling at the silliness. It's like a product The Onion would make up....or something out of a dystopian future dreamed up by Garfield the Cat.

As I thought about what was going through the mind of the hair-brained Nestle executive who dreamed up this product, something wicked sad occurred to me. This goes beyond the sorry state of nutrition choices in this country, it reveals the profound lack of culinary knowledge people have now. It's pretty genius actually; The only time many people use their oven nowadays is to heat up pizza or pre-made cookie dough. It's capitalizing on our laziness and fast-foodivor natures in a weird, sort of predatory way.

Would you buy this product?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

And Chop!

It's been about 4 months since I posted about wanting a baby's haircut, and I still haven't let a scissor touch my locks. Except, that is, to trim my own bangs. I'm still sort of itching for a new look, but perhaps something not so extreme. Maybe something like this?

Razor cuts look pretty good on me, because I've got super fine (like "dayum") hair.

BUT I've also reached that fabled point where girls start to get attached to their hairs. Now that it's 2 inches or so below shoulder length, I'm having a harder time bringing myself to cut it.

I've also been joking with Paul about waiting till we're going to Europe, and getting a pixie cut with a real long rat tail, like Obi Wan style.

1. Because it would be funny to rock a weird look amongst strangers for awhile.
2. Because somehow that seems very German to me.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Itinerary? Opine!

So, for those of you that don't know, Paul and I are planning a vacation to the European Continent this September. It will be the first time that Paul has been across the Atlantic, and my first time visiting Deutschland. I've been working on brushing up my college German, and have been pleasantly suprised by how much I still remember.

Anyway, we're starting to hammer out an itinerary for the voyage. I would really love to hear any opinions from y;all. I know that I've got quite a few friends who are world-travelers. Here's what we're thinking right now:

1.       Arrive in Munich Afternoon
2.       Munich
3.       Munich, (Castle/Monastery Side trip?)
4.       Munich,
5.       Morning Train to Baden Baden (4 hrs)
6.       Baden-Baden
7.       Morning Train to Brussels  (5-10hrs)
8.       Brussels (Cantillion Brewery)
9.       Brussels
10.   Train to Amsterdam (2 hrs)
11.   Amsterdam
12.   Amsterdam
13.   Depart

I'd love some 2 cents! I've been thinking about cutting down our time in Brussels to 1 day, because the general consensus seems to be that (as Jenny said) "Belgium is even more boring than Austria."Maybe add another day to Baden Baden, so we can spend more time hiking in the Schwarz Wald, Or another day in Munich, so we'll have more time for day trips.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Girly Guru

So, I recently discovered the cutest beauty expert in town; Madison, a 5 year old make up guru. My initial response was something along the lines of "WTF - Sexualization of girls sux!!! sdoifh."

But after watching a few of the clips, I feel like this is a really big stone's throw away from the creepiness of "Toddlers and Tiaras".  (ugh).

Madison is a cute kid, who actually really knows her stuff. She comes across like any other kindergartener with a deep interest in something (see: me age 5 and dinosaurs), where she's absorbed herself in becoming knowledgeable about it. She doesn't seem like a misguided Lolita, she's a super amazing make-up artist in training. It's also awesome that her mom clearly sets some boundaries about what is age appropriate to wear. I love her!

For my 4 dear friends who are getting married next year, Madison has advice for you:

You'll all look so pretty!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Do you have....

a favorite IPA? I do!

This was one of the best discoveries that came out of our ill fated journey through the mid-atlantic. Goose Island IPA! After drinking the hoppiest of the hoppy beers, it's nice to take a step back and enjoy a beer that's a little more mellow. This beer has a great flavor with a good amount of sweetness and a bit of a bite. It's flavor is balanced in such a way that you can really taste the hop flavor, without it being overwhelming or too bitter.  It's super refreshing!

One might consider it a "training wheel" sort of beer, for those new to the IPA scene. But I really like it as a mild, basic version of one of the best beer types.

It's my favorite, at least for now!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

So Widdle!

The world's smallest bird is the hummingbird.

In holding this title, hummingbirds are also in possession of the tiniest bird feet.

Apparently, it is a popular aviary myth that hummingbirds do not have feet at all. But as you can see, they do! Their proportionally long talons make them excellent perchers. BUT- their legs are so stubby that walking is not typical or indeed feasible.

Good thing they are wondrous fliers, and spend almost all their time in mind-boggling flight.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Expansive Music

This is my newest discovery. I love how the video brings out the unfathomable scope of nature, and our impossibly small place within it.

It's just plain majestic. The sheer embodiment of a summer song.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mind Blowing Bullshit

Ok, here's a little tale to bring a tear to your eye. In New York, the topic of gay marriage is what one would consider "du jour".

I was reading some comments on the upstate "Democrat and Chronicle" letters to the editor when I cam across this little gem:

"It would nice to get a direct answer of the following question from those in favor of gay marriage (without the usual accusations of being called a “bigot”): Would the new law allow homosexual brothers and/or lesbian sisters to marry in New York? Why or why not? If the law would allow close blood relatives to marry, then that right should then be extended to heterosexuals, shouldn’t it? If the law will not allow close relatives to marry, then they are being deprived of their right to marry just because of their sexual orientation"

really? really.

You've never been able to get a straight answer on this from a liberal? I would think that it would be pretty easy to get/give a straight answer. How about "NO?" Just because the bill lifts restrictions on the gender of partners, does not mean it is giving the a-ok for incest. Nasty!

It's another great example of people trying to demonize homosexual behavior by equating it with true deviant activities like pedophilia and bestiality.

It's like a recipe:

Change a restriction, throw in a caveat that in no way is opened up by said change, promote it as a fair comparison, bake at 350 degrees in a delusional brain cavity and enjoy.

It can be applied just as hysterically to so many other things.

"If you support providing folks with food stamps, then you're a communist!"

"If you want people to have to undergo background checks to get guns, then you want America to be weak!"


Monday, June 6, 2011

The Brave Little Tailor - 1938

This classic Disney Tale takes us to the heart of the middle ages, in which entire cities of strange dog-people lived harmoniously side-by-side with mice and humongous humans. Well, I guess not so harmoniously with the latter.

Mickey Mouse is essentially going about his day, minding his own business at his insect infested clothing shop; when suddenly his poorly timed pride at squishing bugs gets him man-handled into being a genuine folk hero.


Anywho, it's pretty standard fare. Using the tools of his trade and his wiles, Mickey proves that size isn't everything, defeats the stupid giant and wins the heart of the beautiful princess Minnie, whose dad is a dog for some reason also (I think???????).

Bonus points for smoking any old thing you find lying around, and for using alternative energy to save the planet and run your amusement park. Whoopee!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So this happened today...


This footage was taken about 5 miles away from our house!