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Friday, June 24, 2011

What and a What now?

I was in the grocery store recently and meandered by this is the freezer section:

Pizza....AND cookies? I was literally standing there staring at the freezer case giggling at the silliness. It's like a product The Onion would make up....or something out of a dystopian future dreamed up by Garfield the Cat.

As I thought about what was going through the mind of the hair-brained Nestle executive who dreamed up this product, something wicked sad occurred to me. This goes beyond the sorry state of nutrition choices in this country, it reveals the profound lack of culinary knowledge people have now. It's pretty genius actually; The only time many people use their oven nowadays is to heat up pizza or pre-made cookie dough. It's capitalizing on our laziness and fast-foodivor natures in a weird, sort of predatory way.

Would you buy this product?

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