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Monday, June 6, 2011

The Brave Little Tailor - 1938

This classic Disney Tale takes us to the heart of the middle ages, in which entire cities of strange dog-people lived harmoniously side-by-side with mice and humongous humans. Well, I guess not so harmoniously with the latter.

Mickey Mouse is essentially going about his day, minding his own business at his insect infested clothing shop; when suddenly his poorly timed pride at squishing bugs gets him man-handled into being a genuine folk hero.


Anywho, it's pretty standard fare. Using the tools of his trade and his wiles, Mickey proves that size isn't everything, defeats the stupid giant and wins the heart of the beautiful princess Minnie, whose dad is a dog for some reason also (I think???????).

Bonus points for smoking any old thing you find lying around, and for using alternative energy to save the planet and run your amusement park. Whoopee!

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