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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stella the Steggo

This is my most favorite project yet, I think. I made this knit stegosaurus for Addison, my maid of honor and fellow dino enthusiast.

This was a going away present, as Addison is moving to LA for 1 whole year. I'm going to miss her a lot! I hope she has an awesome year though, and that this little guy (or girl I guess? Addie has since informed me that she named her Stella, which I think is perfect. The dusky blue color of the yarn matches the evening sky.) is a reminder of the people who miss her on the other coast.

I made this prehistoric pal from this wonderfully detailed pattern. It has many helpful pictures. Since I used a significantly smaller needle size, I didn't bother doubling up the back plates and sewing them together, as they stood up stiffly pretty well on their own. I also used buttons for eyes instead of embroidering on a face, which I think gives it a classic toy look.

Have fun in LA Addison! Enjoy that California weather for the rest of us!

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  1. Stella loves California! Thank you, Caroline!