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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Caturday IX

Lily the cat turned one year old a few weeks ago, placing her solidly in the realm of angsty-teen-girl-cat. I made her a sweet hooded kitty sweater as a present to celebrate the occasion

This was the first project I ever did knitting in the round. I got the pattern from here, but admittedly didn't follow it very well. It was a pretty advanced pattern, so I got a little confused and started improvising. Particularly around the hood and sleeves.

It came out a little wonky, but really, it was the purrfect project to start experimenting with knitting in the round. When I messed up, or things were weirdly sized, I could just shrug my shoulders and say "Whatever, it's for a cat. She will hate it no matter what it looks like."

And I was not wrong about this. Just like every other cat I've ever met, when you put a costume on her, Lily goes catatonic. It almost makes me wonder if this is where that word originates.

You could slide her around like this and she wouldn't react. In her sweater, made with love, she is dead to the world.

Paul and I are probably going to get our own little kitty soon, so maybe I'll make one of these in a kitten size. It would be a good experiment to see if cats hate costumes from birth, or if they can be conditioned to enjoy clothing. Plus, wouldn't a little kitten in a teeny little sweater be adorable?

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