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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


One of the best bands I discovered in college was Tally Hall, a michigan-born band full to the brim with awesomeness. I originally found them through their amazing 'Banana Man' video:

From there, I found their whole first album "Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum." Their music spans a bunch of different genres; folk, rap, calypso, and straight up rock and roll. It's hard to pin them down to one descriptor, but they self-describe as "wonky rock."

I've seen them twice in Northampton. They put on a really fun show. The first time I got to meet Ross (Gray Tie/Drummer), who got incredibly awkward when I told him they were one of my favorite bands, and Joe (Red Tie/ Guitar), who I got incredibly awkward in front of when he tried to have a normal conversation with me. The second time, they played the best cover of "Freebird" I've ever ever heard.

More recently, the band made a series of really surreal and awesome "Internet Shows", which showed off their ability to be funny, in addition to musically fantastical. I wish I could embed the video, but I can't. Here's a link to my favorite one...you should really click it!

They're getting ready to release their sophomore album, 'Good and Evil' this year and I'm really excited. Can't wait.

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