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Monday, May 10, 2010

Science + Art = Fashion

Over the weekend, Paul and I went to the Twist Fair in Northampton. It's this really cool craft fair that features artisans from all over. We did our mother's day shopping there, and there was no shortage of really cool and hip stuff to choose from. I found something that I wanted to take home at almost every table. One of my faves was the "Transit Authority Figures", who make imagined subway posters for unlikely places.

I'm like 90% sure that I'm going to buy the "Amherst - Northampton" one from their website eventually! Too cool. There would probably be a stop right by my house if that yellow line did exist....

The other stand out artist, for me, was "Nervous System". They're jewelery designers that use computers to create procedurally generated accessories that are inspired by biology:

"Nervous System was commissioned...to create one of a kind jewelry pieces for...an exhibition highlighting the possibilities of rapid prototyping. Using computational design tools we wrote for our cell cycle line, designers at DHUB created 14 unique bracelets and rings. This unprecedented form of collaboration demonstrates some of the new potential afforded by computational design and digital fabrication."

It's such a unique combination of computer science, jewelry making, and inspiration from the natural world. I think my favorite series is "Radiolaria"- inspired by eukaryotes, pictured first.

Too Cool Too.

The Twist Fair was wicked fun, and I do think I'll try to go again when they have it in November. The only con to the whole thing was the cost. I had never been to a craft fair before where they charged admission (a modest one, but still...), and the items for sale there were, on the whole a little pricey.

Still sweet though!

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