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Monday, May 3, 2010

Something for the Kids

So baseball season is in full swing, and we've been watching a lot of the games. Way more than usual, for two reasons.

1. For the first time in like 2 years we actually have NESN on our tv.

2. Paul is in a fantasy baseball league. It's been interesting to watch him be involved with it, because it makes the sport feel a lot broader. Instead of just following the Red Sox, Paul is keeping tabs on players all across the sport. It's pretty cool, it makes easier to respect the visiting team, and see the sport as individual competitors instead of simply the opposition.

As we were looking through some of the players, we came across Milton Bradley. I remember a few years back we saw him playing at Fenway. People were shouting things like "Hey Milton Bradley, Guess who!" and "You sunk my Battleship!" and "Where are the Parker Bros.?" and stuff like that. He actually came out of the dugout and started yelling back at people.

As we tried to recall the hilarious board game taunts those guys were hurling, we came across the full list of milton bradley products.

The most disturbing? A Colombian game called "El tigre crucificado" --- "The crucified Tiger". A board game that the internet has no record of. What could this game have possibly entailed?????????


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