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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Caturday XXI - In bloom....

Our yard is sporting some pretty amazing perennials right now. We have rose bushes and gardenias and all sorts of good stuff. It inspired me to get back into my college pastime of floral design.

I was a little nervous about putting the bouquet out on the kitchen table with Roosevelt around. Hammurabi was always really eager to eat up the projects I would bring home.

Guilty conscience? NO.

Much to my surprise though, kitty just likes to sit and smell the flowers. After I put these down, she sniffed them for a little while, then came over and licked my cheek. It's been a few days now too and I see no evidence of nomming.

I think it's because Rose has become obsessed with the idea of going outside. She's discovered that the screens in the bedroom pop out really easily too, so it's become kind of a hassle preventing her escapes and finding her afterward. She's a headstrong little fuzzball. Perhaps she was just glad we brought in some of those smells from outside that she's been lusting after.

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