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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Marking up

Getting a tattoo is something that I toy with pretty seriously now and then. I like the idea of it a lot,and I'm not sure why. I guess I am kind of enchanted by the idea of an indelible mark of identity for the world to see. And there are definitely a few things that I've considered getting that I know I wouldn't regret:

1. Dinosaurs - I've written before about my devotion to the prehistoric extinct lizard. I think some ink of a saurus would be pretty awesome. As something that has become so culturally iconic, its hard to imaging a tyrannosaurus or a pterodactyl ever going out of style.

2. 42 - The great answer to life, the universe, and everything. I think that a tattoo of this simple number could encompass a lot of things. First, my love of the late great Douglas Adams, who wrote the surrealist manifest that is "A Hitchhikers Guide." Second my love of "Lost", whose notorious numbers include and complete with the number 42. Third, and somewhat more seriously, my point of view on religion and life. I was raised protestant, but now see my self more as a quantumist, believing more in science and technology as an answer to life, the universe and everything. Much like the "hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings" who appealed for an answer from the great computer "Deep thought."

3. Illuminations - My love of books has drawn me to the idea of getting an illuminated letter, in the style of old manuscripts on me. However, I'm not entirely sure what letter would best suit this idea....

Perhaps a B for Barba?

On the other hard though, I have some pretty strong mental inclinations against getting a tattoo too. Whenever I see a poorly done tattoo, it makes me wince a little for the unfortunate-ness of it. I also tend to turn toward my negative, judgmental side when I see faded, poorly aged tattoos too..

Not to mention the fact that all my parents, in law or otherwise, have been very anti tattoo as long as I've known them. "Thank god you never got a tattoo" is a phrase that has passed their lips. I almost hate to disappoint them now!

Plus, and perhaps more pressingly, I am very, very afraid of needles...


  1. i know excatly how you feel. i have gone back and forth on the whole tattoo thing myself. the needle thing is certainly very high on the list of reasons not to. I'm posting my own tattoo ideas on my blog! tell me what you think