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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's terrible, Doug!

Just when I stopped having nightmares about "BigDog", the anthropomorphic robot from hell, I find out that some brainy jerks in California have managed to make an even more horrible ambulatory monster. "LittleDog" is much smaller than it's creepy predecessor (20 cm high vs. 2.5 feet high), which makes it, somehow, a hundred times more scary. Plus, it's been specifically trained to efficiently plow through rough terrain and obstacles; "The specifications for the project required that the robot should achieve a speed of at least 7.2 cm/s and climb over obstacles up to 10.7cm (for humans, this would correspond to obstacles of 50% body height which are traversed at slow walking speed)." Ugh!

The worst parts are at 0:20 and 0:39, they could basically be scenes from a sci-fi/horror movie about evil robots. I have a really hard time watching this without covering my eyes and yelling about how much I hate it. They should have named the thing Creepzilla instead.

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  1. Roboticists are all about making robots as scary as possible...I think it's a repressed expression of their knowledge their creations will somebody stomp out humanity. If a swarm of robots are going to destroy you and everyone you love, at least they can be these scary insectoids instead of furry pink teddybears. That'd just be...tragically absurd. Hard to eulogize about that. Best to stick to the scary robots.