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Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Sunday Hat

I love the yarn I used to make this super floppy, super big beret. It's called "It's a Wrap" - Felty strands of nylon wrapped in wool to give it a handspun texture. I've been looking forward to getting to a better yarn store to get my hands on some real handspun goodies, but the beautiful colors and soft feel of this yarn will tide me over till I get the good stuff.

Remember my last attempt at making a hat for myself? I kind of went the opposite direction with it this time. Instead of making a far too-tight version of things, I inaccurately resized this great pattern and made things a slightly on the mammoth side. It's ok though, I really like the way this guy came out, big and comfy.

It's a Super Sunday Hat because I made it mostly during the Superbowl. I actually surprised myself by whipping this out in two days. Sometimes when I'm working on a project, I get so invested in it that I crank it out at an alarming speed.

The game yesterday, by the by, was pretty amazing. Every touchdown that that Saints scored in that second half was so dramatic and exciting. Even a casual football watcher like myself couldn't help but get sucked in by those amazing plays. Good for you Saints. Make Peyton Manning sorry he ever starred in those horrible commercials with Donald Trump.

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