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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Dinner #14- Lost Party Treats

Last night we had people over for the lost premiere, and it was so much fun! The episode was really good, so it's kind of hard to face that this is the last season. On the other hand, it's very exciting to know that we may know all the answers soon. Or maybe not. I dunno.

The party also gave everybody the opportunity to share some Lost themed treats.

Mike and Julie brought these. The peanut butter was a cool touch (especially the "serves two" on the label). A good reminder that Claire still exists and that finding out what she's been doing is important!

Sara made these! Aren't they amazing? Little Oceanic 815's crashed into delicious cupcakes.

Paul and I supplied the Dharma Beer and Mr. Cluck's.

(Kindly ignore the batter smears on the tub plz...) We got the recipe for the chicken, weirdly enough, out of "The Google Story", a book about the search engine company. It was in a chapter about the cafeteria at the company and the awesome chef that worked there. Apparently, this chuggin recipe was beloved by Elvis.

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