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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Moose Hunters - 1937

Paul and I saw a beautiful female moose in a field in Gardner yesterday evening. It was really cool. She was massive. I hope she stays off the highways and lives a long majestic life.

She was a lot prettier than the pantomime moose from this old Disney cartoon from the 30's. Mickey's got a gun in it! It really harkens back to a time when hunting wasn't so controversial, before "Bambi" stigmatized the sport for kids everywhere in 1942.

1. Gentlemen Mooses prefer blondes.
2. Goofy and Donald totally got the shaft here. Mickey gets the gun, and they have to dress like a sexy moose.
3. I can't imagine that shooting a gun while you're on stilts is easy.
4. I like that they used the same music from "The Band Concert" for the big exciting fight scene.
5. Goofy at 7:50 made me LOL.

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