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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Band Concert - 1935

This short was another one from my childhood VHS collection. It takes us back to when Mickey Mouse was a bi-polar band conductor, on an especially manic episode.

1:40- Donald Duck is wicked funny in this. It's from the era when he had a really long skinny face. The trombone bit @ 3:15 really cracks me up! So many flutes!

5:10- Oh wow, this is getting a little sexual.

6:45- I miss when everybody wore hats, even the park benches...

7:16- From here on, this is the part that I really have strong memories of. All the people (slash animals?) flying around in the air playing this intense music stuck with me. The part where the pig loses all his clothes in particular.

Apparently, this cartoon is going to be the inspiration for a new ride at Disney's California Adventure. How random! It'll be a swing ride, emulating the tornado at the end.

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