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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sucks to be Nadine!

I remember when I was about 8, My dad took me to go see "Nickelodeon Live!" at what used to be called the Worcester Centrum. It was one of the most memorable and exciting times of my kid-hood, as all the awesome game shows I used to worship and dream of being on were played right in front of me on stage. They picked random kids out of the audience to play Double Dare games, pie their parents, and even climb the agro-crag!

The hosts of Nick Arcade and GUTS were even there, in person, to host and pull people out of the audience to participate. I didn't get to play, but Mike O'Malley ran up the aisle past me, mere feet away! When I called up my childhood friend Laurie Santora to tell her about the amazingness, she hung up on me! Apparently, she was in love with Mike O'Malley, and was overcome in a jealous rage. She wouldn't speak to me for days...

I remember being most dissapointed though by seeing behind the scenes of Nick Arcade. I think, watching it on TV, I really believed that the kids were inside real video games, and that they were really experiencing it as reality. I was kind of dissillusioned learning it was all done on green screen.

That being said, watching this video of "The worst player on Nick Arcade", I totally see that these contestants have absolutely no connection with what's being projected around them.

Right of the bat you can see that these kids have zero enthusiasm for fighting Merlock. Watching this poor girl trying to orient herself, and then run out of power at the worst possible time, it's painful. But also very very funny. At the end too, that kid who didn't get to play is so sad!


  1. Hahahahaha

    I loved that video!

    Tell your friend Laurie that Mike O'Malley's nephew was one of my soccer coaches. AND I GOT TO GO TO HIS CHILDHOOD HOME.

  2. Wow, what a bizarre show. And did Omar say something about a "rap keyboard" prize? Awesome.