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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Selling on the Radio

Though there are a lot of differences between the conservative and liberal versions of the 96.9 talk station, there are also some similarities:

1. They both throw out horrible and unsubstantiated generalizations about the other side of the aisle. Like this whole "children's address" issue. Some liberal lady was screaming about how people who keep their kids out of school for the speech are just "cowards" who are scared of the president. Saying that they're fearful is just making them more angry, which is what they actually are. Listening to this stuff just convinces me more than ever that civil discourse is dead.

2. They both sell gold, with almost the identical commercial script. "Governments and their currencies come and go, but gold is real money, for life." "The dollar is more like play money every day!" Haven't you all been listening to Good Ol' Tom? Gold is at a 20 year high!

It's value will probably depreciate, so why not wait until it's less expensive to make this investment? Craziness!

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