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Friday, September 4, 2009

Yelling on the Radio

Life has been kind of busyt and exciting for me lately. Other than the chaos of moving to South Hadley and the ongoing mayhem of unpacking and making the house livable (which seems like a bonafide never ending story), I've also had a few job interviews this week. It's been lots of driving back and forth on Rte. 9.

One of my interviews was at the Higgins Armory Museum, where I will start working as an intern next week. I'm pretty excited! It's a sweet museum for lovers of weaponry and the art of battle. I'll be doing a little archives work, but mostly working on guest services for their new exhibit "Beyond Belief". It's a neat interactive art show about Mythology. All you Worcester-ites should come visit me once I start being there regularly on Saturdays. I might get to wear a costume!

I noticed as I was driving back and forth, my favorite talk radio station (96.9) switches from progressive programming to conservative programming almost immediately as you cross in to Ware. Living in the valley, the liberal mind set is pretty saturated, so I kind of enjoyed listening to what was being discussed on the other side. It was an interesting comparison study.

What Liberal 96.9 discussed:
1. The amounts of money that various politicians have taken from the Health care industry.
2. The use of religious rhetoric by politicians to manipulate the confused and unknowing
3. How crazy Glenn Beck is being, and other talk pundits inciting revolution.
4. How Obama needs to grow a backbone and start being more like FDR in response to Republican obstructionist behaviors ("No man can tame a tiger into a kitten by stroking it")

What Conservative 96.9 discussed:
1. Handicap spots. Are there too many of them, and do people get too upset about able bodied folks parking in them?
2. Rep. Michael Rodriguez got caught buying liquor in NH after voting for a booze tax hike.
3. President Obama's planned national address to children as an instance of untoward propaganda. The host constantly referred to Obama as "the great leader" and ended the segment by shouting "Deutschland uber alles!"

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