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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No more Teachers, No more books

I've been meaning to post some updates about the house for awhile now. Things are finally starting to come together, and it's starting to feel like a true home. We got new hard wood floors over the weekend, and have almost finished painting and sanitizing everything. At some point, very soon, I will post pictures and updates. I've also been meaning to show you guys the crazy shit that the previous owners have left behind. They left so much random stuff behind! I'll endeavor to post this stuff before the week is out

In other news though. Friday is my last day at Learning Skills - Correct Read, after a year and a half of not-so-hard labor. I complained about working here a lot. But it was never really because the job was that bad, in a demanding sense. It was just because working there was ridiculous. Period. As my time here is coming to an end, I find myself not feeling sad, nor wistful, nor nostalgic at all. Mostly I'm just excited to jump this sinking ship.

Here are the things I will miss:
- Getting to knit all day long at work.
-Getting to surf the internet all the live long day.
- Getting to read so many books and get paid for it.
- In summary, the copious and unwaveringly boring downtime.

Here are the things I will not miss:
- Hearing the same monologue over and over from helicopter parents about how busy and important their kid is because they play a sport. And how stressed and overwhelmed they are because of their freshman year workload....which is the least amount of workload you can possibly have in college. What do they want me to say? I'm sorry your child is in school?

- Having to deal with the careless/ stupid mistakes that my boss makes and his inability to deal with reality. I tell my boss that there's a pivotal issue with a class that needs his attention and he responds by running out the door to do his personal banking. Most recently, Lew cost us $90 in overdraft fees by accidentally using the business card to pay for his groceries.

- Coming back from my lunch break and smelling that my boss has most definitely been smoking inside the office, and finding ash on my desk planner.

-Working with another office that doesn't have e-mail, and having to fax them everything. Now that I'm leaving, the other office is thinking about getting the internet. Lew told them not to worry about paying for a router, and just to sign on to some other unsecured networks for free. He told them "we do that here all the time!". So. Untrue.

-My boss basically assuming that I am incapable of doing anything. When I was first working here, it was suggested that I write new test texts for the classes. He told me that it was "too hard". I'm and English Major who has done almost nothing but write. I also offered to revamp their terrible website. I learned that it was only re-done about 2 years ago. Also, Lew again told me that it would be "too hard for me". It's like, because everything is so hard for him to accomplish in his daily life, he doesn't think that anybody can do anything.

- Having to give my boss rides to his doctors appointments and the DMV.

-Fending off the telemarketers that call the office 24 hours a day. If Lew doesn't want them to hassle him at work, why is gods name does he give them all this number?

- Having to explain simple computer concepts like sceensavers and desktop wallpaper. Also, having to hear the internet get called "aol" all the time.

I really could go on forever, I have a year plus worth of craziness. But like I said, it wasn't hard or difficult to work here. Just unendingly bizarre and astonishing. Someday I'll write a book.

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