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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Its been how many months now (?)and our Wii is still on the fritz. Once Paul called the service line (which incidentally, plays old school Mario tunes for on-hold muzak (awesome!)) and found out our machine was no longer under warranty, it kind of took the urgency out of sending it back. Especially since some games still work in it, and winter is the #1 season for hunkering down with your electronics. We're waiting till we can go outside again, I think, to repair it. I am still really really missing Mario Kart though. Our other games (that work) just aren't the same...

Right now our wii-motes are about as useful, but not nearly as tasty as this sweet chocolate-mote from DigitalChocolates. Hooray for candy that looks like gadgets!

Don't get confused and eat your wii controllers! Also, don't try to play a game with this, cuz it'll melt on you! Also, not work.

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