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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Caturday XIV

Winter keeps on keeping on around here. Even though we were lucky enough to be totally missed by those last two blizzards (You can even see most people's lawns around here), the cold air and wind has definitely kept us in an indoor-centric mode. Reading, video games, and ping pong have been big on our free time to do lists lately. We've also been playing a lot of cribbage.

Cribbage is a game of counting. You get points for certain card combinations, and mark your score with pegs on a board. It was supposedly invented by Sir John Suckling, part time poet and courtier extraordinaire. In the court of Charles I, he was "renowned for his careless gaiety (and) wit", and was considered the greatest bowler and card player in England.

The cribbage board we play on is just a plain rectangle with a simple clockwise loop on it. I'd like to play on this feline inspired, voodoo doll-esque, kitty board for Caturday.

More novelty shaped cribbage boards are here. To quote the seller: "Beware---This cat is watching your every move." I think it comes to life and does dickish cat things if you cheat.

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