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Friday, February 5, 2010

From the Higgins Archives: Melrose Rare Diamond 12

Even though I finished my internship at the Higgs a couple weeks ago, I'd still like to do a few more posts with some interesting archive pictures. I found this picture to be quite the little enigma:

Through scanning a crazy number of pictures from bland sales conferences, I managed to become quite familiar with the faces in this picture. Theses men are the proud sales reps of Worcester Pressed Steel. On the surface this seems to be a nice little photo shoot of them hopping off the "special" bus.

When you flip over the picture, you get this cryptic sales pitch in big block letters:

"Can you recognize your lion distributor salesman in this photograph?


Advertising is now on 30 buses in your area- over 320,000 of your customers see these cards each day. Cash in on mass exposure with Melrose rare diamond 12....TODAY!"

Melrose Rare Diamond 12 is a blended whiskey. I'm not really sure what the point of all this is. What is being sold? Ad space? Shares in a whiskey company? Bus rides? Steel? Photo shoots? And what exactly is the "Lion Brand?"

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