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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Making My New House feel Older

The closing date on our house is getting closer and closer. I'm really really excited to move in, and do all that fun home improvement stuff you get to do when you own your own house. We're going to replace the carpets, pull up the silly fence in the backyard, and re-paint the walls all colorful like. I'm excited to make the place our own.

I found this awesome website called historic house parts dot com, that sells salvaged hardware and woodwork from old houses. One of the things that made house hunting hard for me was that I always fall in love with big colonial farm houses and victorians, which were guaranteed to be way out of our budget and 3 times the size of what we really needed. I'm just a sucker for interesting architecture, so I was a little dismissive of our little ranch at first, 'cuz after all, it is just a box. Obviously, I was won over. But this website has gotten me all hot and bothered about incorporating some interesting and historical pieces into our recently built home.

AMAZING "Neptune" door knocker.

Coat Hooks from Belgium

I wants it!


  1. You should make the Neptune one into a lightswitch cover panel. You know exactly where the switch should go through, so don't even bother asking.

  2. True story: My parents bought an antique tin ceiling and kept it in our garage for like 10 years before putting it up. So it can definitely be done.