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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Famous Knits

So. I was poking around some free knitting pattern sites today, looking at stuffed animals. I saw this book at barnes and noble and was really tempted to buy it, but wanted to see if I couldn't find some comparable stuff for free on the web first.

The knitting community is actually really cool about sharing patterns online, and I managed to find a veritable treasure trove of projects I could try. There's actually so much out there that the possibilities are a little overwhelming.

While the possibilities of making cute little agurumi birds and teddy bears excite me, I'm not sure if I'm up for some of these projects. Like making dolls that look like famous people.

Harry Potter : Ok, so Harry's a fictional character, not a real person. I still think there's something a little creepy about stuffing a human body.

Audrey Hepburn : This one is pretty impressive. The embroidered face is perfect. It's not just movie stars who get the knit treatment though...

Barack Obama : You can make yourself your own little president. I'm not sure why you'd want this, unless you were a card carrying member of the GOP with a penchant for voodoo. Though I can picture some crazy Amherst lady sitting down for a tea party with her stuffed Barry-O and her cats mumbling about feminism and eating vegan canapes. Obama isn't the only famous politician to be immortalized in doll form though. I've saved the best for last!

Are you ready?

Hillary Clinton: There are no words.

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  1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make me a Harry Potter!!!!!!!