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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome to America, Silent Library!

Wow! Mtv is making their own version of the Japanese Game Show "Silent Library"! You can check out the trailer for it HERE! I'm kind of excited about this, and I hope that they do it justice.

In Silent Library, you and your friends flip over cards to decide who has to undertake an unpleasant task. The catch is, you and your friends aren't allowed to talk or make any noise during the game. It's amazing. I like the old Japanese version, because the english subtitles of the task names are so bizzare and awesome.

Since being quiet is such a huge part of the game, I'm a little disappointed that MTV chose to blast power metal over the entirety of their promo. But I guess you gotta do something to get the teenagers' attention!

We actually played Silent Library one night over the winter at Tracy Circle. It was so much fun, It's one of my favorite memories of the house. We all made up a few tasks to inflict upon each other. We even built our own slapping machine (3:52) out of a hand drill. I had to eat something ridicuously spicy, Garrett had to do snow angels outside in a t-shirt, and Tim had to explore the disgusting camping toilet that we found in the basement. It was a lot of fun.

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