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Sunday, June 7, 2009

The one where Pluto gets wasted...

I was thinking the other day about the movies I used to watch as a little kid. As a child, I had a very limited media diet, and was only really allowed to watch VHS tapes of disney cartoons and Sesame Street. As a result, I have very vivid memories of these shows, and in some cases feel an especially meaningful emotional attachment to them.

I was thinking about this cartoon the other day, and was really psyched to see there was a copy on youtube.

At some point, Mickey Mouse's dog managed to get a girl pregnant. Pluto does his best John Gosselin impression, attempting to wrangle his "quin-puplets" after a severe brow beating from his baby mama. After succeeding in hopelessly losing all of them, Pluto chugs some malt liquor in the basement. After all, there's nothing funnier than a drunk dad.

I remember thinking this one was pretty amusing as a kid, particularly when Pluto climbed the stairs to "The Bear went over the Mountain". Watching it now though, it's a little crazy that Disney, with their over-the-top child friendly rep, made a cartoon where a dog gets trashed.

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