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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Sunday was a gorgeous day that felt particularly like summer. Paul and I agreed that it was a day that called for ice cream. We went to Flayvors of Cook Farm, the best place for ice cream in the valley (Sorry Barts, but it's true!).

I always thought that the misspelling was a joke, like the cows made the sign or something. But it turns out the people who own the farm are the Fayvor family. Not the Cook family after all.

Paul got chocolate peanut butter, and I got strawberry. Flayvors is awesome because they're a working dairy farm, and make all their own ice cream.

They also let you hang out with the cows who make the milk. They keep the babies in these big dog house things.(cow houses?)

I thought this one was particularly beautiful, with that lovely dark eye liner. She's a jersey cow.

This guy was very mouthy, and kept trying to taste me.

I'm looking forward to visiting again. I love eating delicious ice cream, and I love baby cows. When I was about 10 I took care of two baby bulls at 4H camp. It was a really cool experience, cows have strangely unique personalities.

Maybe I'll get a little moo cow for the yard in South Hadley. Cook farm has some embryos for sale!

Animal Husbandry is so weird.

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  1. YEAH! to everything in this post - including the bit about the embryos. Are you going to gestate it in a jar?