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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Spontaneous Dumpster Dive

I took out the trash this morning, and found the dumpster practically overflowing with trash. And it wasn't just trash you'd usually expect,like stuffed in plastic bags. The people who live down the row from us moved out and threw out a ton of books. I sifted through a bit and saved the best ones.

Canada! This book is all about the awesomeness that it Canada. History, travel advice, and dated photographs. Plus, these sweet inscriptions on the inside cover:

How could you throw away this awesome present from Charlie? Prouder in Hell to be Canadian?

This one had the caption "The Bohemian Look, from Ottowa".

MIT in Perspective won me over with its amazing chapter titles; "A Time to Rejoice", "The Reluctant Bride", "MIT goes to War", and "Athletics for Character".

"Buster, buddy, is that you?"

Look at these swanky guys!

And Finally, The Bible, printed in 1884, and written entirely in Swedish.

"Nau Testamentet"

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  1. Every book is amazing, but what is more amazing is that the ANTIQUE SWEDISH Bible was thrown out! WTF. Lucky you guys.