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Monday, July 6, 2009

Balloon Tennis....with swords!

I just realized that I found that guide book to Canada in the dumpster on Canada Day! What a great coincidence.

I hope you all had good and appropriately patriotic weekends. Paul and I both got friday off for the fourth, so we got to enjoy a nice long weekend together.

Part of that enjoyment came from inventing a new indoor game that no self respecting mother would allow in her house. I guess it's called Balloon Tennis, until we think of something better.

So, the premise is, you hit the yellow balloon back and forth across the dining room table, using the swords addison gave me as a shower gift for rackets.

Directely between you, in the middle ofthe table, is a hanging light fixture with a green balloon taped to it. If you hit the fixture, you have to switch sides. If you knock the balloon off the lamp, the game is over. We were playing till ten, or until we carelessly smashed some precarious glass thing. Whichever came first!

We also got a little creative with sword technique.

This one is called "The Catapult"

This one doesn't have a name, but was surprisingly effective. The sword end was kind of floppy, and the handle end was heavier, so you got the duel effect of extra momentum and a solid contact with the balloon.

I'm thinking about starting a league!

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