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Friday, August 20, 2010

Time for Pooches!

So, I guess I appear a little preferential to cats here on this blog, what with the "cat" category and all the Caturday posts. But I love dogs too! I was raised in a family of Dog people, and never even interacted with a cat that much until I lived with Rabi. I think it's time that the dogs got their day (eh...). So:

Caroline's 6 Favorite Dog GIFs

6. 2nd Place is First Place for Losers, Kid.

5.funny gifs - Is your gardener a Malamute?

4.funny gifs - This is worth at least 3 Scooby Snax

3. funny gifs - Dogs are Awesome

2.funny gifs - Beware of dog, he won't make change on a $100 bill

1. funny gifs - Suddenly Corgis

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