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Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's a funny old world

I am currently on the job hunt! My tenure at the Quaboag Valley CDC is officially coming to an end on August 31. I'll miss working there, it was a really positive experience. Too bad crummy Deval Patrick only lets you do Commonwealth Corps for one year.

I've had a fair bit of luck on my search, and have actually had several interviews. But nothing has panned out yet. The competition is fierce, and the bulk of who I am up against out there are far more experienced. I'm sure something will work out for me sooner or later, but I'm starting to lose confidence that I'll be transitioning immediately from one job to another. C'est la vie.

This job search though has gotten me thinking more about the global economy. I recently watched this really interesting episode of Vanguard where they examined the migrant workers of the Philippines. An astonishing large fraction of the nation's people leave the country every year to work in other countries. They send billions of dollars back to their families every year, but this monetary influx isn't improving the economy.

I thought it was really interesting too, how so many of these laborers go to Saudi Arabia for employment. Saudi Arabia is a country that I realized suddenly I know almost nothing about. I know we get our oil from them, and that their moral code is extremely strict. But it's hard for me to imagine moving there and living there and working there. Though it's unlikely that that would happen to me, as women are largely barred from working in the Kingdom.

Being morally obligated to be covered head to toe all the time must be kind of a drag. Check out their bathroom signs. It's a far cry from our triangle-shaped skirt ladies.

As the Original poster said: "The only uncovered woman in Saudi Arabia and she's on the door of a toilet. It's a funny old world."

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