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Friday, March 26, 2010

Your Friendly Mittelos Bioscience Representative

This season of Lost has been pretty darn amazing. This weeks episode "Ab Aeterno" was particularly cool. It was so exciting to finally learn the origin story of the mysterious Richard Alpert. I wonder if Nestor Carbonell ever thought that he would get his own episode. He really showed his capabilities as an actor too, in a really wonderful way. I was really impressed with his ability to do an accent in transition, as he transformed from19th century Ricardo the Modern day Richard Alpert.

I like to think that this episode is one designed to be a red herring, just like the Season 2 episode "Dave". That episode plants the theory that the Island and all the people on it are delusions of the psychiatric ward alumni, Hurley. "Ab Aeterno" focuses on the theory that everybody on the island is dead and the island is hell. I like to think that it's a little more complicated than all that.

I also love the part at 33:30 when Jacob "baptizes" Richard, because it's basically an homage to this.

Mark Pellegrino is a dunking expert. That's why they hired him to play Jacob.

To celebrate this awesome episode, check out these awesome blank resin statues of the four-toed statue, aka, the devil who guards the island (16:20). Each one can be customized by you to your liking!


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  1. I love you! haha that was an awesome post, and an amazing episode.