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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Amherst Adventures

Earlier today, Paul and I had a nice little date in Amherst center. It was kind of gloomy out (lousy Smarch weather), but it was nice to walk around town all the same, get some fresh air and the like.

We got lunch a Tomi, which is one of the newer additions to the downtown restaurant scene. It's a spin off of the chain "Moby Dick's House of Kabob", and serves Persian Mediterranean food. It's taken up shop in a space with notoriously high turn over, the storefront next to Antonio's. Former home of Rolando's Roast Beef (which also served falafel) and Fatso's burgers before that. They've really transformed the place into a classy, modern sit-down place though. Gone are the shiny metal diner style counters and self-serve soda machine. Instead there are nice wood tables and exposed brick walls...they really made it look nice. The food was great too, and the prices reasonable. They have delicious persian tea that they serve in beautiful glass mugs with a big bowl of sugar cubes. I really enjoyed eating there, so I hope they have better luck than all the other places that preceded it. I give it all my stars and thumbs up!

Afterwards, we took a walk into the Amherst College campus to see the Natural History museum. It was awesome! They have a really impressive collection of fossils. Plus, it was free!

The other cool part is that the classrooms and labs of Amherst College are strangely combined into the museum space. So you can examine all these massive quartz crystals, and then turn around and peek at the mysterious machinery behind the door with a radioactivity warning. It's neat too because a lot of their collection was acquired by students on school sponsored expeditions. Jawsome!

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