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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Curse of Castle McDuck - 1987

Between the ages of 3 and 9 I could not get enough Ducktales. It had adventure, mishaps with futuristic inventions, magic, and a sweet theme song. Not to mention a whole town made up of dog-people.

Looking back though, this show was like the ultimate epitome of the 80's mindset. Who's the hero? The millionaire who hoards his cash in a gigantic money bin that dominates the landscape of Duckville. When he's not literally swimming in his pile of gold coins, he uses them to take his trendy orphan wards on adventures. This show was all about showcasing the awesomeness of the millionaire lifestyle, and the supreme importance and power of money.

The 80's financial mindset is totally showcased in one of my favorite episodes - "The Curse of Castle McDuck", in which uncle scrooge takes the children to visit his cursed childhood home. I was totally fascinated by the druids featured in this one. They were a little scary, but also very mysterious and cool. I think the primary reason I remember this episode so well though is the glow in the dark dogs.

In the end, the thousand year old land battle between uncle scrooge and the druids is solved with good old fashioned cultural exploitation. Let's put our differences aside and capitalize together on the commercialization of our heritage. Yay!

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