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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Babysitters Club - 1990

I loved The Baby-sitters Club books when I was little. They were my favorite series to read. I can still remember how psyched I was when they started making "Super Special" editions that were twice as long, and usually involved an exotic adventure. I think I enjoyed the one where they went to New York City best.


The theme song from the tv show based on the books randomly popped into my head today! The opening of the show is like a portrait of the 90's. I used to take this out from the library and watch it on a vcr.


  1. Oh MAN The Babysitters Club! I totally had about 100 of these books, but they sadly all got damaged when our cellar flooded.

    I definitely chose my favorite based on their handwriting. Stacey dotted her "i"s with hearts, and I thought that was the shit. I have a bunch of assignments from third grade in which I tried to emulate this style, and let me tell you, it takes SO much effort to make those little hearts. Stacey was also the best because she was the most stylish. My favorite parts of the books was whenever they described Stacey's outfits (or to a lesser extent, Claudia's, but hers were always really artsy fartsy--"Claudia's outfit was inspired by a sunset, so she was wearing a bright pink men's button-down shirt over orange leggings with yellow high tops").

    Also I thought Dawn was a total bitch. Stupid hippie.

    OK, sorry this was so long, but clearly you twanged my heartstrings with this post.

  2. Yay! I actually always loved Claudia best. I yearned to have my own phone line like her. Cell phones have kind of decimated the coolness of that though, huh?

  3. I think I was prejudiced against Claudia because she couldn't spell. And of course had really crummy handwriting.