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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm in love

Paul and I bought new bikes over the weekend. This is my new sweet ride.

And this is Paul's.

It's basically been raining monsoon-style since we brought them home, so I haven't gotten to ride much. I did take mine out the day we bought them though, and it totally revealed how woefully and ridiculously out of shape I actually am. Not a good thing when your house is surrounded by big hills on all sides. I've resolved to ride often though, and belatedly make good on my New Year's resolution to exercise more. My goal is to be able to ride the 5 hilly miles to the Olde Hadley Flea Market in June.

Right now, sadly, I couldn't make it up the first hill at the end of my street. Kind of embarrassing, but I will do better!

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  1. that's what happned to me when I took my bike out last spring. I have been getting in better and better shape but something about hills and bikes brings me down every time.