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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Prehistoric Predilection

I've been a dinosaur fan since I was little kid. I wasn't allowed to watch Jurassic Park (like some people), but that didn't stop me from becoming a total dino expert. My mom really likes to tell the story of when I was in some gift shop, and the cashier saw me playing with these little dino figurines. I was like, 4 or 5 I guess. The cashier asks me if I liked the t-rex, and I apparently heaved a huge sigh and said "That's just a Brachyceratops."

Though my ability to identify every species of dino ever is long gone, the vestiges of my childhood obsession are still really visible around the the house. I have a lot of dinosaur stuff!

Dinosaur Pencil kit and rubber stamp set. A believe this was a birthday gift from Meredith.

"Dinosaur Plots". I picked up this book at the LWV book sale this year. Someday I'll get around to reading up on the intrigues of Natural History. Someday...

Kitchen Helper Dinosaur (pictured helping with last week's minestrone). I bought this guy at that stationary store in downtown Amherst, sophomore or freshman year. I was shopping there with Mike and Pete, and Pete said if I didn't buy this awesome guy, he would. He's been sitting next to the spice rack, gaurding the coffee maker every since we moved to the Manor.

Dinosaur postcard book. Paul bought this for me at Acme Surplus. There are lots of neat pictures in here, but I don't think I'll ever mail them to anyone. Many of them depict extinction, and I feel like that might be a downer to open your mailbox and see.

Fire breathing Dinosaur. This guy winds up and shoots sparks out of his mouth, which is like a bad ass super power. I think I got this as a present for Paul when we were dating.

Pink Dinosaur. I've had him since my childhood days of studying his kind. He's made out of a really hard plastic that you don't really see kid's toys made out of anymore. He has a really good judemental facial expression.

Stuffed Dinosaur. I got this guy at Christmas tree shops for $1! He had a tag on him that said "Eyes light up and Makes sounds!" I tried pressing the hard plastic box in his leg, but nothing happened. His eyes are also embroidered on, so there's no way they could light up.
One time though, I was going to wash him. I grabbed him by the leg to throw into the basket, and he let out a mighty roar! I squeezed him again, and he made another roaring sound. He convinced me not to put him in the washer, which was specifically against his care instructions on the tag. I've tried on many occasions to try and get him to make sound again, but he only vocalizes when he feels he is in danger, I think.
He gets the award for "most likely to need braces". Dental Hygeine is not a dinosaurs top priority...


  1. I DID get those dino stampers for you! I hope you enjoy them!
    I laughed out loud at the Stuffed Dino roaring when he's in danger. That's pretty awesome.

  2. Haha. T-bone laughed out loud too. The gas station/oil refinery here has a green dino as its logo.