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Friday, May 1, 2009


Good News and Bad News!

Good News, the league of women voters book sale has returned to Amherst. I love the book sale! It's where I stock up on reading material for the rest of the year. Pictured below are Paul and my takings from today.

I would really like to go back again and to find some more treasures, but that's where the bad news comes in.
The bad news is that 6 likely cases of swine flu have been discovered and quarantined at Amherst College, which is obviously, not good. PS: the LWV book sale is held on the common right across from campus.
We probably would have made off with even more fine literature, but the paranoia of being in an enclosed tent with potentially ill strangers for too long was setting in. It's weird to have this thing hit so close to home.
When I passed a girl wearing an Amherst College sweatshirt on the sidewalk, I held my breath. When I got home, I washed my hands immediately.
Paul and I have been joking that we're going to write "quarantine" on the inside of our door, like Lost. And later maybe we'll blow it up with some sweaty antique dynamite that we found at the Black Rock.

At any rate, it made doing stuff in public this weekend seem a little scarier. At least we've got lots of books to read now to pass the time!


  1. I'm so pleased to see some Atwood and Vonnegut there! When you've finished those, read _The Blind Assassin_.

  2. I didn't know the book sale was this week. Blllllahh mistakes!