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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Man's Cap for a Manly Man

I finished up the cap for husband today. It's made out of a super-soft wool that Paul picked out himself. So, it's not exactly in season for the impending summer, but I hope he'll get to wear it lots in the fall and winter.

Look how cute he is, doing his best brooding model face. I based the hat off of this "Man's Cap" pattern from 1936. I did the same type of stitch, but used a larger sized needle (to accommodate his big ol' noggin). I also made the cap length shorter, so it would fit like a beanie, rather than folding over at the brim.

As you can see, my seaming up the back isn't exactly flawless yet, but I think I'm getting closer to a nice neat one. Practice makes perfect I suppose. I'm also in the works creating similar chapeau for my brother. His is going to be blue.

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  1. That cap is at least five different kinds of manly.