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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Buffalo Gal

My dark past as a picky eater isn't really a secret. I've recently realized though that getting a late start on trying all the gastronomic masterpieces of the world has actually allowed me to enjoy new foods more. My latest favorite that I thought I hated?

Buffalo Wings!

For a while I was just intimidated by the sheer spiciness of them, and also my suspicion of blue cheeses. But this football season got me to try them with a new, more tolerant pallet. I've since discovered that they are in fact, unbe-friggin-lievable. I am now much more excited about the fact that Paul works mere foot steps away from Amherst's notorious chicken dynasty, The Hangar.

To really experience this wonderful spicy deliciousness, perhaps I should venture up to the National Buffalo Wing Festival this fall. Last year, over 70,000 people attended and devoured over 33 tons of chicken!

 It would be really cool to go, you'd get to try top-notch barbecue from over 30 restaurants from across the country. And hey, maybe I'll even throw my hat in the ring to become Ms. Buffalo Wing (a grand honor!).

One aspect of the fest that I really don't see myself joining in on though is the annual Blue Cheese Bowl, where contestants bob for wings out of a kiddie pool of blue cheese.

I think I'll just eat mine daintily, k, thanx!


  1. I recently discovered a love for buffalo wings, myself! I never liked how spicy they were and how they made my lips burn. And of course, most incarnations of blue cheese remain disgusting to me. But my roommate makes REALLY REALLY good ones, and I've found that buffalo wings are the food of the gods!

  2. I know right?! I will admit I never liked or even really had Buffalo wings until four years ago and they are GOOOD!