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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Little Things

This weekend I discovered a really really awesome website for knitters. One of the most annoying parts of knitting is having leftover yarn when you finish a project. If you knit long enough, your yarn stash gets inundated with these random lengths of fibrous ghosts from projects past. Think there's nothing to do with the extra? You're so stupid! There is!

This website catalogs hundreds of projects to do with your scraps of waste yarn, organized by length used.

I used the leftover yarn from my big foofy cowl to make this cute little stuffed whale.

As the pattern mentions, this little guy is meant to be a cat toy. I wasn't planning on letting Roosevelt play with it, but she managed to find it and rough it up all on her own. I guess it's pretty irresistible for kittehs, what with the floppy tail and being the same size of her ideal prey and all. I'll let her have it, I guess.

Awww...She loves it!

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