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Friday, February 25, 2011

We'll try Again!

As I've blogged about like 10 million times, Paul and I have had some pretty sorry excuses for relaxing vacations lately. We're not going to give up though! We've started thinking about planning our next trip for the spring. We're having a hard time deciding where to go though. What do you think?

(Poll is in the sidebar, in spite of my best attempts to put the HTML in this post. Oh well!)

I'm looking forward to hearing opinions - if you pick "somewhere else" tell me where we should go in the comments!


  1. Caroline, Belgium is even more boring than Austria. L'ARGENTINE!!!!!

  2. Or Texas, because it's awesome.

  3. Really good beef and leather goods in Argentina. Also a zoo where you can pet lions!

  4. come down here and stay at an inn on the beach. and for the love of god make sure it has AC if you come in the summer. made that mistake on our honeymoon