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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Three Caballeros - 1944

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, enjoy the signature number from Disney's strange celebration of Latino culture. 

Donald Duck receives a magical birthday present that transports him to an abstract plane of existence. Here, he learns all about the cultures of Mexico and Brazil in a singing, dancing tourism fiesta. That's some gift!

This film is way less racist than many of the cartoons about "the other" from this period, mostly because it's celebrating the multiculturalism and the positive aspects of these countries, not just stereotyping them through one character. It's also one of the first movies to combine cartoons and live action together.

I also like this because it focuses on bird-heroes, and the birds have awesome names. Panchito Pistoles! You can't top that.

Is it time for a Corona yet?

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