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Monday, May 9, 2011

Prom Dot Com

My Brother went to Prom over the weekend. It's a big event for some students, the culmination of their high school experience and a last chance to party with their peers, and dress up like celebrities.

With all the hype around prom nowadays, It's interesting to compare today's culture around the dance with the excitement of days of yore.

There are two big differences:

1. Teenagers from 1950-1960 always look so old compared to kids today. I blame the haircuts and glasses.

2. Look how calm and peaceful and positively serene this event seems. No drunken brawls, no bumpin' and grindin'. And indeed, by the end of the video folks are actually NAPPING during prom.

Compared to this Prom footage from the same town, 50+ years later, everything seems really boring!

I don't think that anybody would describe the ladies in the first vid as "Sexy Crazy prom Girls"

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