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Friday, May 20, 2011

Do your ears hang low?

Wearing animal ears in public. I will not deny that I have mocked people for doing this in the past- specifically gals who maraud as cats on a daily basis. Specifically those on the Umass campus.

However, I have since realized that fuzzy costume ears are appropriate and fun on special occasions. Last summer, I wore my awesome bunny ears at the Gathering of the Vibes music festival, and got many complements. Also some sweaty hugs from stranger-hippies.

It can be fun to be in costume in public, you do get a lot of attention. Maybe that's the cat-girls angle.

Alas, at that same aforementioned event, I sat on said ears and broke them. I thought I'd have the energy to repair them, but I still haven't done it.

I stumbled upon Fuzzhats.com today, and now I'm contemplating purchasing a new attention getting headdress. 

This last one, the yeti, is a big front runner!

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