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Friday, April 29, 2011

THE Royal Wedding

I, like so many others, was sucked into the the mania of the British Monarchy's big celebration today. I rose at 5 am to watch the whole affair, and I'm really glad I did. There aren't many opportunities these days to watch a historical event play out in real time. And rarely are historical events so romantic and fanciful.

I really did enjoy watching everything happen live. I love weddings, even a complete, highfalutin strangers'.

But it wasn't all sugar and spice I suppose. I do have a handful of negative comments:

1. Would it have killed the queen to wear a crown? It seems like she's always wearing that same ol' wide brimmed hat all the time. For once, she had a fancy event to really flaunt that pomp.

2. Princess Beatrice looked fuckin' crazy. How could she have looked in the mirror and thought: :yes, this looks great!"

3. It really, really bugged me how much the trashy correspondents insisted on referring to Diana's Funeral. It's one thing to mention, you know, how proud the prince's mother might have been today. But to spend so much time talking about the funeral, and how William looked at the funeral, was crude.

4. Maybe I just have a case of extreme, incurable cynicism, but I couldn't help but see Phillipa Middleton and Harry in the coaches with all those kids and think "human sheilds". I blame the post 911 world!

5. When Jersusalem started playing, it was really hard to avoid thinking about this, but maybe that's just me!

The whole spectacle was very wonderful though. I enjoyed it all. All the fashion speculation made me think back to the marital fashions of other historical women you could/would have been queen.

 Mary Queen of Scots, at her wedding (bonus points if you can pick out who is who!)

Queen Victoria, the woman who initiated the tradition of wearing white.

 Young Queen Elizabeth
 The famous, tragic, Princess Diana

And today...

Many times during the event it was declared by commentators that "THE MONARCHY IS BACK!"

As if it hasn't always been ruling, but I do get the point. Today presented a younger, fresher face of the British Monarchy, which made it look current and exciting, rather than moth-eaten and ineffective. GOOD JOB!

It was lovely though, quite the spectacle, and I loved it.

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