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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So baseball season is underway. I can tell because Paul is obsessively checking his yahoo fantasy account. Also because we've upgraded our cable from the most-basic-possible-that-we-only-get-cuz-internet-is-more-expensive-on-it's-own package to whatever-the-cheapest-thing-with-NESN-is package.

Another awkward heralding of baseballs season is seeing Dennis Eckersley all over the place. It really creeps me out to see him, because he looks eerily similar to my dad:

Every time he comes on TV, it totally blows my mind. 

We watched all three games against the Rangers this weekend and were super disappointed by our poor Red Sox. I guess being let down is part of the legacy of being a Boston fan, and there were a few outstanding moments (Big Papi's home runs and Ellsbury overall). But it wasn't exactly a triumphant beginning. Also, I was super aggravated to see George W. sitting in the front row on opening day, carefree as could be. BAH.

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