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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Very Grownup Indeed

First, the good news: Not only can I get a manicure, but I can get business cards too!

That's right! Even though I didn't get to keep my position working in Brown Bag, The Food Bank hired me for another exciting position. I am officially the Agency Capacity Coordinator for Franklin and Hampshire county! (That is, starting Monday :)) That means I'm a liaison between The Food Bank and all the various community organizations that make up the emergency food system. It's a pretty exciting and interesting opportunity and I'm very pleased to accept it.

We went to the Moan and Dove last night to celebrate, and accidentally stumbled into the opening of an art show there. Giddy on professional advancement and Hennepin, we decided to purchase one of the stunning paintings by local artist (and self confessed "anti-archtophilist" - it's on his business cards!) Brent Klockars. It was the first time that I think I've bought real art, and it seemed like kind of a milestone.

Here are some examples of Klockars' style. The paintings are really more beautiful though when you see them in person. They'll be on the wall until the end of the month there at the Dove. You can also check out his etsy store.

New job, new art. March is actually turning out to be a good month for once, even considering the weather.

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